Monday, 19 June 2017

Utter scaremongering twaddle from Martin Van Beynen

Mandy Hager [pictured] called the words below…”utter scaremongering twaddle” and I agree completely…the argument put forward by the writer are so typical of the Roger Douglas period of our history…when money and greed took charge of our once democratic society and the word WE was lost in the rush to use the word I.
Unlike the Stuff writer I have faith in the younger generation and their now correct perception of the neoliberal bunch that took over our country and directed all the wealth into the greedy fingers of the few.
The younger generation are paying for all that mismanagement and private company takeover of New Zealand’s collective wealth. The young know only too well of the takeover of various profitable enterprises once own by us all. The young are now heavily in debt because of the student loans system introduced twenty odd years ago.
 Martin Van Beynen who wrote the stuff item must be living in some world unknown to the rest of us…and I’m no chicken…he is the strange chap that believes there is no inequality in NZ. He is a sort of a reincarnation of Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson and even John Banks mixed into one unintelligent pen pusher. Here is what he wrote, in part:
“It's also understandable why young voters should find the socialism espoused by Corbyn, essentially a reactionary, attractive.
They are simply too young to have lived through a big government, highly regulated, state-ownership economy or to remember much about the disastrous socialism experiment in the Soviet Union.
Corbyn's United Kingdom would see a return to collective bargaining, nationalised rail, post and water, a free national health and education service, high taxes on the rich and massive Government investment in infrastructure. It sounds very much like New Zealand pre-1984.
Young New Zealand voters won't remember the endless strikes and ubiquitous regulation. Yes wages were high but only for workers with unions who could hold the country to ransom.
If school holidays were coming up, the seamen would stop the ferries across Cook Strait. When stock was banking up at the freezing works, the freezing workers would go out. The wharves were centres of industrial blackmail, pilfering and inefficiency.
It took weeks to get a telephone installed and New Zealand set world records for the length of time it took to construct anything. Yes we protected our industries but that led to cronyism, high prices and lousy quality. We had about one per cent unemployment but how many people actually worked?
The country ignored international realities.
By 1984, New Zealand was struggling with crippling balance of payments and budget deficits, was heavily subsiding exports and regulation, which had been used to freeze prices, had gone as far as it could go. A financial crisis was imminent.
The correction, when it came, was brutal, perhaps unnecessarily so, but choices were limited.
Perhaps the outlook for young voters in New Zealand is not nearly as bleak as those in UK, US and France but they will share some of the same views.
Our parties, desperately competing for the middle ground, will be wondering how they can harness this young voter disillusion. A bribe around education is always a good idea.
But tired, old solutions proposed by the likes of Sanders and Corbyn have been tried before and failed to produce a golden age. Young voters need a reminder”.
If you feel up to the strain you can read his whole ramble… 
It’s not hard to accept that this year is an election year…and the Nats will need every bit of PR propaganda they can muster from their friends in the MSM. I believe that young people are on the move especially when it comes to understanding the massive double cross behaviour that was forced onto them by the now discredited neoliberal money manipulators. Why because they [the young] are now having to pay the price for the greed and selfishness of my generation. The great bulk of my generation are now seeing only too clearly the fatal and life damaging results that we though our blindness and greed have left behind for the younger generation to repair.
Van Beynen is of Dutch extraction, van Beynen was born in Christchurch.[1] He lived in west Auckland from the age of 11.[1] He was educated at St Peter's College, Auckland[2] where he played rugby union.[3] He attended the University of Auckland where he studied law, graduating in 1981.[1] He gained a M.A. in 1982.[2] Van Beynen is married with three children and lives in Diamond Harbour, Banks Peninsula.[1]
All his education was funded by the tax payers of the time…no student debt for him…

Have a happy week and never forget you are back bone of a nation that is rediscovering a collective and caring are among the most important people in the world.

Peter J Wheeler

Kissing a dead Israeli rat.

1. Less than 100 days before the next general election and the polls are starting to tell a new story…Of course we all have differing views on just what these early polls actually mean. We will read into them what tales suit our various perspectives.
Aged NZ First supporters who love to run with Winston Peters are still enjoying his openly racist and anti-immigration rants…in some respects Winston is a aged junior version of nutty US President Donald What’s-his-name, only he has most likely got a few more active brains cells and we know that he can read and write…unlike DT.
It would seem that the National Party still puts some value on their own polling by such boy wonders for example Kiwi Bog owner David Farrar and Matthew Hooton who always comes up with what the highest payer wants. Both are very good friends of Israel and must have been over joyed at the way ‘wee’ Jerry Brownlee kissed Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu Israeli arse while begging forgiveness on behalf of New Zealanders just last week, maybe that was one of the major reasons the latest poll indicated what it did…This from The Daily Blog:
Latest UMR Poll National 42% – Labour/Green 45% « The Daily Blog
Martyn Bradbury
Those desperate to see an end to this appalling Government, the latest TV3 Poll putting Labour on 26% and National on 47% would have been pretty depressing.
It shouldn’t be.
The Poll was taken in the sugar high of the fawning media’s description of National’s budget as left wing and family friendly before the real criticism of how National have actually underfunded health by the tune of $2.3 billion was out.
This is also the Poll that 4 months out from the 2014 election was giving National 50%.
The latest UMR internal fortnightly Poll from Labour taken between 7th June – 15th June paints a completely different picture.
This was taken after the criticism of the budget and after Labour’s foreign student cutback policy.
National 42% (down 2)
Labour 32% (up 2)
Greens 13% n/c
NZF 9% n/c
The truth is the Corporate mainstream media want you to believe Bill English has won before the election is even held.
The truth is that if the youth of this nation rise up and participate and demand change, then the powerful crumble.
If the madness of National’s wealth illusion speculative property bubble housing crisis demands you to act.
If the horror of a suicide rate 3 times higher than officially acknowledged, 41000 homeless and 1600 dying from cold homes annually is unacceptable to you.
Then now is the time to put your shoulder to those political parties who guarantee a change of Government – Labour, the Greens or MANA.
We must refuse to allow the mainstream media to drain us of our hope that change can come.
The time to act is now.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Arise Sir John and kiss the Queens Corgi

The Rise and Rise of John Key: 
Arise Sir John…your dream has come true, its cost a lot of tax payers money, but you are worth every cent the public has donated unwillingly to your crowning glory and securement into New Zealand’s hall of fame.
He [that is John Key] truly believed this PR crap as he hugged his cuddly wife.

She smirked as she rubbed his bald spot, thinking she might have to buy him a wig shortly to cover that shinning dome. Maybe that’s why he keeps touching young innocent women’s pony tails. I used to think it was because he might be gay when I first noticed him touching young boys hair, but when he touched the hair of that young woman working in our local cafĂ© I was somewhat relieved.

“Oh, he said, I didn’t have to break a sporting record, master a high mountain, rescue a person in distress, be a community worker suppling meals on wheels, be a voluntary nurse at one of our run-down public hospitals, I didn’t even have to use my mansion in Auckland or Hawaii to house the homeless or those losers living in their cars. I just had to spend some tax payers’ cash. Piss in a few pockets, kiss a few backsides

No I simply brought my knighthood; of course I had to reinstate the knighthood process, after the nasty evil villainess Helen Clark wiped it…still it wasn’t too expensive because the only guy I had to buy off with actual cash was the double-dipper from Dipton in the deep south Bill [loser] English.

My timing was absolutely brilliant in all respects [Yes I know that sounds immodest]\, but if the truth hurts that too bad] let me repeat absolutely brilliant…I like the sound of those words I’m sure that if I give that Mike Hosking crawler a buzz he’ll use those words ‘absolutely brilliant’, in his next stupid Seven-Sharp show, he always does what I pay for…he’s such a creep and big-headed too. In some ways he’s a little like me…

Then wee John remembered a few tweets made about him over the last few days:

And bad Sir John stood dumbly there, Pulling lengths of girly hair blushing beneath his crown”.

“Sir John was not a good man — He had his little ways. Sometimes no one spoke to him for days and days and days.

”Johnny was a banker wore a pinstriped suit, ruled a little country and helped his mates to loot”.

He couldn’t remember any nice tweets Oh there were the ones which he wrote and his son the DJ posted on Twitter.

He had only been a Knight for a few days and already the back-lash was hitting the National Party…

His daughter at school in Paris was thinking about changing her name and putting on some clothes when in public. 

His son was considering undergoing a sex change operation and also changing his name… 

Brilliant local blogger No Right Turn wrote a quick short but powerful blog on the subject and its worth a read:
Tuesday, June 06, 2017

It was the foreign monarch's false birthday over the weekend, complete with the traditional handing out of honours. And head of the list was former Prime Minister John Key, "for services to the state". Key of course is "immensely proud", and I suppose he would be - after all, that gong is worth a lifetime of free airline upgrades and highly-paid board positions. But what did he actually do to deserve it? Getting elected three times? Ignoring climate change and child poverty: Or possibly dragging us into a US war in Afghanistan and getting kiwi soldiers killed? Even if you're a fan of feudal titles (and I'm not), his record as Prime Minister is hardly stellar or deserving of recognition.

It’s also unseemly. Given the long lead time on honours, Key may very well have awarded it (sorry, advised the foreign monarch to award it) to himself. At best, he was awarded it by his friends as part of his exit package, (on top of his Parliamentary superannuation, ex-PM's annuity, and lifetime free air travel) A political stitch-up, which cheapens the honours system, like all of those "coincidences" around knighthoods and high-paying National donors.

OTOH, if we want a perfect example of why we need to do away with archaic feudal bullshit, it's this. We should abolish knighthoods. If politicians want to play at feudalism, they should join the SCA.
Posted by Idiot/Savant at 6/06/2017 12:08:00 PM


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Manchester could this be a turning point

Read this:

Now before your rage gets the better of you: Read this

Another terrorist attack in the UK, twenty-two killed and fifty-nine injured at the same time as this occurred the Saudi’s using British and US bombs and military assistance bombed yet another school and hospital or shopping center in Yemen. 
Or the American and British occupation forces in Iraq or Syria attacked civilians and school children and murdered them in their hundreds. At the same time as all this is taking place the US using drones are murdering other populations is various other countries.

Now the populations living in Yemen or Iraq or Afghanistan have had to learn to live with these illegal raids, these terrorist attacks on their schools, hospitals and homes. Likewise those living in Palestine have to live with Israeli attacks and the theft of their land by Zionists supported by the US.

But of course in the eyes of the Saudi dictators, the US media and the UK Government they are not meant to fightback. After all its all their fault for not doing what they are ordered by the big three dictatorships of the Saudi’s, the US and the UK and yes we can include the Russians as well.

So naturally the oppressed fight back using the only weapons available to them…the surprise terrorist attack… only to be condemned as cowards and such like, when the US sits its military down in safe locations in the US and guides bombs onto schools and hospitals they are heroes, the reality is nothing could be more cowardly and gutless.

Recently our MSM was praising a British SAS sniper for killing a ISIS fighter in Iraq, somehow they painted him as a hero, he was in fact a terrorist…there is no war in Iraq, 

Britain has not declared war on Iraq…what that SAS so-called soldier did was murder…just as what Tony Blair the UK's biggest coward did when he sent UK troops to Iraq.

Every now and then those countries or people under constant attack and bombardment fight back…they explode a bomb or two…using suicide bombers…[now that is brave] to show to the populations of the US UK and others just how it feels when your people, your children, your mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters are murdered over and over again.

Of course its retaliation, of course it’s wrong, just as its wrong to murder by drone as our countries do on a daily basis…via the five eyes partnership. 

The NZ SAS murdered a bunch of civilians in Afghanistan, was it intended or accidental done, who knows but we are so gutless that we won’t even inquire into it.

Do I feel sorry for those who are harmed in terrorist attacks…of course I do, you’d have to be inhuman not to… and do I feel sorry for the ten thousand that the Saudi’s have murdered using US/UK supplied weapons… of course I do.

Do I understand the motivation of those who fight back…and by doing so give up their life; no I don’t fully understand that kind of courage or stupidity.

Nor do I understand how we can call those who fire rockets or bomb by air into hospitals and schools brave military…only Donald Trump would that…

Feel empathy for those touched by the loss of life because of a suicide attack or any attack, likewise for those in Iraq and Syria that are bombed by the US or British or the Russians.

For the love of God or any other deity…let’s stop our government from sharing in this never ending dance of death played by dictators and empire builders.