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Diverting attention from Marama Davidson quest for peace in Gaza.

wheelerscornernz recommends that you read this wonderfully powerful and well researched blog on the subject of Israel and Palestine. 

Right now the government is doing everything in its power to divert attention away from Marama Davidson's brave trip to Gaza…as an MP she has shown more GUTS than the PM has in ten years…unless you consider pulling non-consenting young  female pony tails gutsy?

"Why Is Israel Paying Cameron Slater To Come To Israel And Did They Pay For David Farrar’s Trip Too?
For those of you wanting to turn this into an anti-Semite thing here is my statement of intent:
  • I support A Jewish Voice For Peace in their attempts to bring a solution to the hideous situation the Gazans are finding themselves in while under siege from Israel.
  • I support the many thousands of people who are demonstrating in Israel for their Government to stop the bombardments of Gaza.
  • I am a staunch supporter of all Semites. Palestinians, Syrians, Lebanese, Libyan and the other people’s speaking Semitic languages who are trampled on, shot at and whose cultures and countries are destroyed by the US/NATO war machine.
  • I am a supporter of all Jews celebrating Judaism as a peaceful religion who oppose the state of Israel as a secular abomination in direct violation of their religious believes.
  • I support those intellectuals of Jewish descent who speak out against the madness of Netanyahu and his Likud party such as Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein to name but a few of the many many Jews who recognize the madness for what it is!
Shalom to all of those brave people daring to speak out against the madmen ruling Israel. I dare to speak out because you do too!
So go ahead give it your best shot. I know I am not alone in condemning Israel’s Government for their murderous rampage in Gaza and the genocide on the Gaza people they are attempting and we are letting them succeeding at, because we are too damn scared to speak out for fear of being called anti-Semite. 

All we can do right here, right now is call our government to task and that is what I am trying to do here.

David Farrar is centre.
A couple of years or so ago I actually visited David Farrar’s site a couple of times in the hope of getting some stuff on John Key out and I have to give it to David Farrar that he did not censor me.
While doing so I was reading some of his postings and I found that David Farrar had made a most interesting journey. In November 2009 it seems David Farrar visited Israel. Now at the time I thought well, he is Jewish and Israel is a country that for many Jews is very important and that is all. However it struck me as quite extraordinary that David Farrar from little old New Zealand did not only get a private tour of the Knesset but also had meetings with the mayor of Jerusalem and other hoi pelloi. He appeared ot have been traveling with a group representing Young Likud. The Likud party being the same party currently bombing the shit out of the Gaza people

But then something happened that made me kind of change my perspective.
Nicky Hager’s book came out and trusts the spotlight on Cameron Slater and what do you know? According to Cameron Slater is in Israel at this very moment upon invitation of Israel’s government, the same group of Journalists.
Cameron Slater.
government bombing the shit out of the Gaza people, as part of a
No doubt to get his talking points from the Likud government to take back to New Zealand and his sleaze bucket blog.

And there you have it; both Cameron Slater and David Farrar have close ties to the Likud party which is killing the people of Gaza in the thousands with indiscriminate bombardments.

Both David Farrar and Cameron Slater, and I urge you to check for yourself on their blogs, have been rabid supporters of Israel the Likud party and its Genocidal policies with regards to the Palestinians and while David Farrar is Jewish, Cameron Slater identifies, according to his wiki blurb, as a Seventh Day Adventist making this not a an anti-Semite issue but one concerning the political independence of New Zealand’s foreign policies.

What we have here are the two biggest blogs owned by the two people John Key relies most on to do his dirty work as illustrated by the ample evidence produced in Nicky Hager’s book, closely aligned to the Likud party indulging in virulent pro-Israel anti Palestine Propaganda.

John Key himself identifying as a Jew if not a religious one (which according to many religious Jews is not an option as Judaism is a religion not a race) as our Prime Minister supported for his nastier work such as smearing opponents and other corruptible deviousness destroying our democracy by two people closely associated to the Likud party (in fact being paid to travel to Israel by the same party while committing war crimes according to our MSM)
Key Slater images.

John Key has shown on several occasions, such as walking out of the UN council when Ahmadinejad was speaking, that he fully supports Israel’s politics and the combination of the two most powerful political bloggers propagandizing Israel’s criminal policies outside of the MSM and John Key as the Prime Minister make for a very powerful pro-Israel lobby in a country which could do with a more neutral or even critical stance on what Israel is doing in GAZA and the West bank.

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Monday, 3 October 2016

Message to Casey Costello of Hobson's Pledge.

My blog on Don Brash’s latest project has [for me] gone viral over 3400 page views over 24 hours, most of the views were via [NZ] Facebook which proves the power of the social media. read it here:

I now realise just how out of date a movement, if one can call ‘Hobson's Pledge’ a movement is, because it seems to be more of a home for very elderly racists and bigots.

Well there are some not so old members and I would like to look closely at one of the few women involved; Casey Costello.

Casey according to the Dominion was a bit fed up because the media failed to contact her regarding ‘Hobson’s Pledge’ and were only talking to Don Brash. She had been named as the groups contact person.

So I decided to take a closer look at the said Casey Costello and it was most interesting because it revealed possible links to other racial behavioral learning influences and situations. Let’s start with the present: She was / is;
·        General Manager
Trak Group
June 2011 – Present (5 years 5 months)
Management of the Trak Group delivering air conditioning, security, electrical, BeMS controls and water treatment services to the Auckland commercial building sector.

Trak Group NZ
January 2010 – June 2011 (1 year 6 months)
Business Development for building management systems and support inclusive of security, electrical, energy management, water treatment and HVAC. Marketing, client relationship management, tenders and submissions
·        Auckland Security Manager
Armourguard Security Ltd
July 2007 – March 2010 (2 years 9 months)
Manager of guarding and patrol services for the Auckland region approximately 300 employees and contractors. Largest security service provider in the Auckland region
·        Security Manager
NZ Defence
January 2007 – July 2007 (7 months)
Fixed term contract - relocation of security services to new site
·        Manager Security and Operations
Parliamentary Services
July 2004 – January 2007 (2 years 7 months)
Operational security management
Project management for security system
Strategic Planning and Risk Management
·        Security Manager
The Edge
October 2002 – July 2004 (1 year 10 months)
Operational Security management for event and convention venues
Health and Safety compliance and risk management
Constable to Detective Sergeant
October 1986 – January 2001 (14 years 4 months)

Police Boss Mike Bush.
With a back ground of police enforcement and later security enforcement Casey must have come in direct contact with the prejudice toward Maori which has now been publicly conceded by Mike Bush the Police Commissioner. This prejudice still strongly exists within the present NZ policing / Justice culture and operational systems according to the latest public reports.

Prejudice along with racism is a learned and practiced behaviour, people are not born with these conditions they are taught, learned and practiced throughout ones whole development.
To back up these comments read this open letter to Don Brash:

‘You’ll never undo the hurt.’ A Māori woman’s open letter to Don Brash
By Deborah Mahuta-Coyle
September 29, 2016
“Don Brash is the public face of Hobson’s Pledge, a new identity for his longstanding campaign against ‘special privileges’ for Māori. Deborah Mahuta-Coyle explains why for her, it feels personal.

Kia ora Don,
When I was 11 years old I took part in my school’s yearly speech competition. The topic was a famous Māori leader and I had decided to do my speech on my great-great-great-great grandfather Kingi Tawhiao.
My Nan helped me write it and when I made it to the finals I remember seeing her in the audience with quiet tears running down her face. My cousins all came to watch. I was wearing a hideous 80s puffer skirt that was bright pink; I was so short the microphone was at my nose, but I was too scared to move it. I remember all this like it was yesterday. Each family with a kid involved brought plates to share at the end of the evening. My Nan was a pretty mean caterer so she brought enough chocolate logs and eclairs to feed the entire place.
That night something happened that has affected me ever since. My cousin and I were standing in front of the food table with our plates when a couple of Pākehā ladies came up to us, turned their back on me and one of them said to my cousin, “This is not a place where you can just eat for free. You have to have brought food to share. You people are always making the most of events like this.”
Don’t worry – I rounded on the lady and walked about pointing out all of the food my Nan had brought. She just said, “Thank you, at least I know what plates to avoid.” My cousin did not eat a thing.
I’m now 35 years old and while that lady has probably long forgotten the 1990 final of the St Anthony’s School speech competition in Huntly, her words still hurt me to this day.
You see, Don, when you talk about Māori privilege, you say you’re referring to the Treaty, or to water rights, or to all these “special privileges” that Māori get and other New Zealanders don’t. But that’s just a political veneer. Underneath it, you’re giving permission for people to say horrible things, to unleash prejudice, to target Māori because they are Māori. And thanks to you, people think it’s all good as long as they use the rhetoric of tackling Māori privilege that you have happily constructed for them.
All Māori react to your tirades very differently. Some, like me, take to social media to tell you to shut up. Others hear what you say and think, “Here we go again.” Most tend to cringe and wonder how many others think the same way as you.
Nothing good comes from sugar-coating hate speech. What it tends to do is linger in the memories of those affected decades later. Don, you’re like those ladies at my speech competition – totally ignorant of the long-lasting effects of your rude and racist remarks. Those ladies didn’t understand that from that day on, I made sure whenever I’ve been asked to “bring a plate” I over compensated – and still ate nothing. They didn’t know that their words would mean my cousin has refused to attend “Pākehā events” ever since. And that, to this day, I still feel embarrassed to eat at social events as somewhere deep in my consciousness I worry that people will judge me for it because I am Māori.
Don, you shouldn’t say things if you don’t understand the far reaching effects they will have. You’ll never undo the hurt of Orewa or the impact of your latest rant. Thousands of 11-year-old Māori kids will have their identities shaped by the prejudices you have helped to nurture, legitimise and unleash over these past years.
And trust me: no one is going to forget what you have said. People will tell stories about you, Don, like I have about those two ladies from Huntly – to show that the horrible things some people say can cause a lifetime of pain.
Mā te wā”, Deborah

All I can say to Casey Costello is…why would you want to be the spokesperson for Hobson’s Pledge? Even the picture used to push for cash are teenagers from another country...why not have a nice cup of tea, relax and enjoy life, in a country that's learning to live life in a bi-cultural way that spreads hope rather than fear and racist stupidity and honours our promised commitments. 

Peter J Wheeler

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Racist Bigots strike again.

Hobson’s pledge NZ's KKK in drag makes the news for all the wrong and mis-guided reasons:

 Do any of these very elderly people look like the teenagers in the picture below?

Do any of these so-call Kiwi kids look like the teenaged types below? They are certainly not early images of David Round etc: 

Or these, from the USA?

Or even these from England?

Or even these from South Africa?

You’ll notice that the Black person in the front row has been blotted out of the NZ / US versions, funny that don’t you think. 

Does it indicate a white racist ingrained attitude by Hobson’s pledge? Or is it simply an act of protecting the sensitive feelings of ignorant better off Kiwis of white decent? 

In the US we all know that African Americans are treated absolutely shockingly violently by police, the KKK and suchlike.

But I feel sure that to learn that a bunch of white separatists such as 'Hobson’s pledge' exist alongside groups like the NZ Nazi party [Our equivalent to the KKK] the far right Act party, who actually dumped Don Brash and other idiot leaders.

My feeling is that New Zealanders have, for the most, got over their racial phobias and have grown to accept our belief that equality actual involves acceptance that the Waitangi Tribunal process is the way forward.

This argument that Maori should not have Maori seats in Parliament is utterly nuts. Maori who opt for the Maori electorate seats…get one vote…how is that unfair? I repeat ONE vote, they don’t get two! 

They, should they choose can switch to the general role… If Maori switch and the number of Maori voters fall, in time the number of Maori seats will decline.

But Hobson's Pledge can’t wait…why because they are white racists at heart…but we should not fall for the Public Relations crap, they are all Donald Trumps’ replicas feeding on fear of change…their fear of Maori being a partner within this nation of ours burns in their sick gut…it permeates their actual behaviour and blinds them to what connects us.

We should ignore this bunch of oldies and leave them to simply slowly decay and disappear from the universe altogether.  

Students go bankrupt at a rapid rate.

Did Paula Bennett pay Student fees.

Questions: How much did Paula Bennett pay in student fees? How much did she received as a solo-mum? 

How much did Steven Joyce pay in student fees? 

How much did John Key pay in student fees and how much did his Mum get as a solo parent?

All of the above got a free education at the tax-payers expense…it was the ‘done’ thing back then, education was free and individuals paid it back via their future income earnings.

But we [NZ Voters] accepted with great gusto the Roger Douglas and Ruth Richardson insane Ronald Regan Maggie Thatcher driven neoliberalist approach that encouraged greed expansion around capitalist nations.

The NZ Labour Party supported by National introduced ‘User pays’ for tertiary education and from there on its downhill, all the way to the bankruptcy court for thousands of NZ tertiary students. This latest report from Inland Revenue says it all.    

Student loan borrowers seeking bankruptcy as millions in debts wiped due to insolvency
Last updated 10:53, October 1 2016
NZ Union of Students' Associations president Linsey Higgins, left, says graduates abroad are struggling with interest-laden loans to the point of declaring bankruptcy.
Overseas graduates declaring them-selves penniless are among the 483 debtors whose $18 million in students loans have been wiped by bankruptcies.
Inland Revenue has revealed the latest figures as the amount owed by student loan defaulters’ tips over the $1 billion mark. The 10 biggest overseas debtors owe more than $300,000 each.
Some are dying in debt. Ministry of Education figures show that, in the year to June 2015, $19m of student loan debt was written off because of the death of the borrower. That compared with $16m written off because of bankruptcy.
One Auckland-based accountancy website advises graduates: "If you are living overseas, a New Zealand bankruptcy may have no negative impact on you at all."
Soon, information-sharing powers between Australia and New Zealand's tax departments will be boosted, after two student loan-related arrests at the border this year, and as overall student debt reaches $15b. 
The students best mate...yeah right!
Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce says Inland Revenue does not seek to bankrupt anyone solely because of their student debt.
But student leaders say the crackdown on defaulters is treating bright young Kiwis seeking careers overseas like "traitors".
It is not clear how many of the bankruptcies were overseas debtors applying specifically to wipe their student loan debt. IRD was not able to immediately provide the breakdown.
The bankruptcy figures include people owing creditors for other reasons, such as business failures.
However, New Zealand Union of Students' Associations president Linsey Higgins confirmed cases of Kiwis overseas going bankrupt as they faced mounting student loan debt.
She said the union received calls from one to two borrowers a month seeking advice on bankruptcy. 
"We know it's most often happening in circumstances where there's a consistent inflexibility by IRD to work with the overseas borrower and that has put them in a position where they have literally no other options."
"This is making the OE become a lot harder . . . Medical students used to graduate and work in British hospitals under the NHS. They want to do that because they want more experience and [access to] the facilities and technology.
"They would come back to New Zealand and pay most of their debt. But now, the interest accumulates on the loans.
"I think it's treating people like traitors to leave. This idea that if you leave New Zealand to go abroad, we're going to punish you."
IRD said its debt recovery initiatives included offering methods to make repayments from abroad easier, and installment options. Legal action and arrests at the border were a "last resort".
Tertiary Education Minister Steven Joyce said on Friday: "There is no evidence that significant numbers of people who have declared bankruptcy have done so because of student loans. Most people who declare bankruptcy do so because they owe money to a range of creditors and, as a result, their student debt is also written off.
"Inland Revenue doesn't seek to bankrupt anyone solely because of their student debt.
"Entering into bankruptcy is not a decision that should be taken lightly. There are significant negative consequences, including the effect on a person's credit rating, their ability to get a loan in the future, their possessions being sold, needing approval to travel overseas and being unable to be the director of a company."
Labour leader Andrew Little said he was personally against interest on loans for graduates abroad, but the party had not discussed policy on it.
"We do want people to get overseas experience and, ideally, most of them will come back and bring back their skills they've learned overseas."
About a third of the more than $1b of student loan debt in default has been racked up through penalties. Overseas-based debtors were the biggest culprits, making up just over $982m of the bad debt.
Latest IRD figures show that, of the 100,589 overseas and New Zealand-based debtors behind on their loans, $344.2m was made up of penalties. The late payment penalty rate is currently 8.8 per cent.
Overseas-based debtors
Default loans: 78,528
Penalty amount: $311.1m
TOTAL: $976.2m
NZ-based debtors
Default loans: 22,061
Penalty amount: $33.1m
TOTAL: $84.6m